How to choose the perfect domain?

You have decided to set up a website and just before the construction and development process begins you want to acquire a domain address that will best serve your project. But, the number of free addresses is decreasing day by day – so why is it really important to pay attention when buying a domain and what is important to delay? We’ve compiled some important points for you to make a lot of orders in the domain world.

Many Internet users are confident that the role of the web address is to allow access to the server where the site is stored in a relatively simple manner. This is of course true. But, it’s important to know that your domain address can have a significant impact on your website’s promotion and marketing process and make it a resounding success or a failure, so it’s important that you delay the URL selection process just before you get started.

This time, we decided to dwell on some of the important points that many marketers simply skip in the domain selection process and give you some tips that will make the process much simpler for you.

About your site, copyright, and trademarks

The first and most important point is the copyright issue of your domain address. By law, your domain address is prohibited from containing any expression that may be copyrighted or registered as a trademark of one or another company unless you have explicit permission from the copyright owner.

If you have actually purchased such a domain address, it is important to know that you may receive a purchase offer from the company holding the copyright or trademark but on the other side of the coin, you may also be exposed to quite a few legal claims from those entities, which may also win your domain address without providing any consideration if You’ll be able to prove the relationship between their brand and the domain address you own.

A good example of this is the purchase of by an Israeli citizen, who also operated under the philanthropic URL and even received a $ 3000 purchase offer from the global Facebook company. The site operator refused and when Facebook contacted the Israeli Internet Association and won the ruling – the domain was passed on to it at no cost to the operator.

How easy is it to remember your domain?

How many times have you come across a great site but just couldn’t remember its domain address? In many cases, choosing a long or complex domain address can cause your surfers to simply forget about your site and choose competitors with domain addresses that are easier to remember.

When you are about to purchase a domain address, make sure you choose an address that will be catchy but also simple enough and allow your surfers to easily remember it over time.

Although in 2016 it is a very difficult task to find a successful catchy domain name that will also be short, you should always strive to use as short a domain as possible and make it simple and easy to spell for users. One should not be afraid to make up words or go for a meaningless but succinct letter sequence – such as, one of Israel’s leading Internet companies.

If you are unable to find an available address in such a structure – try selecting initials or shortening some of the phrases you want to include in your site’s domain address.

Brands, domains, and the road to glory

If your site is going to be the homepage of one brand or another that you are about to launch soon, it is very important that your domain address include the brand name without further details.

Good examples of this are the websites or that do not include details of the car insurance niche in which they operate. But, thanks to campaigns across a variety of platforms, the link between the brand itself and the niche in which it operates is already in the users’ minds and they can already identify the brand at the domain address and link it to the problem they are seeking to solve.

Conversely – if your brand is not going to be supported by external campaigns and will find its way into the search results among many competitors – it is important that your domain address also includes the area of ​​business or niche the site operates in – to allow the user to understand what is behind the URL and motivate them to click Increase your search results and increase your site’s CTR.

Don’t be afraid of new endings

The domain is constantly changing and once we only know extensions like .com,, .net today we can already meet a lot of creative extensions. A few examples:




And the list goes on.

It’s important to remember that finding a good domain with a popular .com or “heir” extension – .co today, is a difficult and almost impossible task. Also, although many Internet marketers are still slightly worried about the new extensions and do not know whether choosing them will help or make it difficult for the website promotion process, they can certainly help you with its branding process and allow your customers to remember your site easily.

If so, the new domain extensions can be a great opportunity for business branding and business advancement in a creative and innovative way.

In conclusion

Your domain address is equivalent to choosing the brand name for your next project and it is very important to dwell on it quite a bit before you set off. Be sure to choose a simple, catchy URL that your site visitors can easily spell. But, be sure to incorporate your brand name in a creative way that will differentiate you from the competition and lead the users rather than the competitors.

Of course, choosing a domain is just the first step of the process and there is no way to get marketing done in one form or another – whether it is SEO or other advertising means.

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