10 self-promotion tips on Facebook

Most people have a profile on Facebook and about two million Israelis visit on a daily basis on popular and successful social media.

This figure alone is enough to understand the importance of promotion and marketing on Facebook, and indeed many businesses in the country invest time and resources in promoting the brand on the social network.

However, just before you rush to contact a professional promotion company and pay a lot of money for the service, you should know that you can promote your business yourself, and win many collaborations and many business inquiries. Here are 10 self-promotion tips on Facebook.

Cover image

It is advisable to choose a brand image that characterizes the brand and conveys a clear marketing message or creates an atmosphere that characterizes the company’s values ​​and vision. It is also advisable to add contact information for the size of the business profile size: 850 pixels wide, 315 pixels high.

Upload posts regularly

Posts are a wonderful way to make direct contact with the company’s customers, through which you can also have a fruitful dialogue. From comments to posts, you can learn about customer characteristics and be attentive to their unique requests. You should upload posts to your business profile at least two to three times a week.

Quick response to follower inquiries

It is important to regularly check your business profile on Facebook and quickly answer questions and comments from followers. A quick response indicates seriousness and gives personal attention to your users, so your friends in the profile feel empowered with the organization and can share the posts you upload, so you get high visibility and increase the number of customers and revenue.

Propulsion for action

It is important to upload relevant posts to users and should incorporate marketing phrases and motives for action, for example – For more information about the product please leave details, visit the website or contact us by phone.

Deals & Discounts

Once in a while, it is important to give a special benefit to your friends on Facebook and follow the business profile. That way you can give them a personal treat and they will feel special and will be happy to share your offers with other circles.

Pictures of products

We recommend uploading photos of new products the company offers, and in a post about the new product or service you offer. This will give you wide exposure and reactions from the surfers.


Photo albums must also be created and videos about the company, its products, and services must also be uploaded. You should also incorporate photos and videos that reflect the company’s life.

Link to business website

When uploading professional content it is important to attach a link to the business website. The more users visit your site, the higher its position on Google.


Occasionally, you can offer competition among your friends on Facebook, so you can create high visibility and give users a certain benefit, original gift, discount, etc.

Sharing viral content

We also recommend uploading viral content to your business profile on Facebook. This allows you to enjoy broad business exposure and gain new customers.

In summary, there are a variety of ways to self-promote on Facebook but there is no substitute for a professional company such as proper promotion, the company specializes in website building and promotion and online marketing, including Facebook.

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