How to create a Business email with a domain name?

Your business card consists of a number of key factors – your page or business site and your e-mail address. E-mail is one of the most profitable ways of communicating business, so you need to introduce yourself properly.

Need more illustration? You arrive ready and cash, dressed in the best of your shirts, for a business meeting with the CEO of a particular company. At the entrance to his office you see a “receptionist” sign and find that it is not an office, but more of a small reception booth. On the inside of the pitcher and not on his exterior, however, a well-represented, professional and professional appearance has a great impact, and precisely because of this, your domain extension has a great impact on your status.

Separate and rule between email addresses

Leading the world’s most popular e-mail services is GMAIL of the huge GOOGLE search network that has long “taken over” our lives, at least in the context of business promotion. GMAIL is a great, easy-to-use, and free service and you probably have at least one private email under this service. At the same time, YOU SHOULDN’T MIX BUSINESS WITH PLEASURE. It is advisable to separate your private and business emails. Apart from the fact that you can keep your emails in order and not accidentally send, at best, your spouse and the cat in costume matching all your associates, including your boss, there is another benefit.

The appearance of your email extension has a great impact on your professional perception. True, it is not necessarily a quality metric, but a more preliminary screening of professional visibility.

So how do I create a business email with the domain extension?

Buying a domain should be done in the first step. Domain, or in English – a domain name is a combination of numbers and letters representing the URL. Through the domain, we provide a catchy and simpler name for typing. By entering the domain in the browser search bar, the domain name decoding system identifies the domain to the IP number to which it is associated and directs the site to the desired site.

The domain is very easy to purchase and costs are not high. The price range varies according to the different suppliers and ranges from $6-$30/Mo.

Domain Selection Tips

In order for the domain to fulfill its role, you must choose a catchy and stimulating name that will convey your desired business message to your target audience. What do GOOGLE, CNN, and FOX have in common? The fact that it is a catchy name is short but clear. Remember that if you are also addressing the target audience, you should choose a name that will be simple and spelling. If your business name is in Hebrew, it is possible to translate it into English or choose a domain in Hebrew.

True, it is not always easy to find a free domain that is both catchy and in demand. But don’t worry, the domain can sometimes be purchased from its owner or tracked to a specific domain and purchased immediately as soon as it expires. In any case, when you purchase a domain, don’t forget to renew it at the end of a year or two, as an expired domain will download your site.

Next, you need to purchase storage services at the email address, which is to purchase the platform where you will manage your business mailbox.

Directory of Email Storage Sites

There are many email storage platforms. Here are some of the popular and popular ones –

GMAIL custom email address

The familiar and beloved email service does not require you to cut the relationship with him. For $ 6 a month, you will receive a custom email address for each user, 30GB of storage, and a variety of other cool features. To use this service, you must register and create an account with the Google Apps service. At the end of the sign-up process, you must redirect your MX records to Google’s servers.

ZOHO custom email address

ZOHO offers excellent cloud-based email services and a document management interface. Email storage services are free for up to 25 users of up to 5GB of storage. And if you are interested in marketing for a membership and you intend your friends to use ZOHO’s storage services, you and you will also get 5 more users for free.

For $ 2 a month the volume of storage will increase to 30 GB, for $ 5 you will receive 100GB while for $ 8 the storage volume will increase to 1TB.

There are additional platforms for business email storage services, so this is at your own discretion. As you understand, this is an easy, accessible, fast, and quite cheap process.

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