How to avoid hitting panda and penguin updates on your site?

Let’s start from the beginning ..

The purpose of “Google” besides earning a sea of ​​money from sponsored advertising is to give search engine users relevant results to what the user was looking for.

Today, given the growing influence of promotion companies on sites in Israel and abroad, and the amount of junk that is found on the Internet at all, Google has decided to take proactive action by cleaning the search engine from websites and irrelevant content.

Most actions are unknown to the public, except what Google itself publishes on its information channels.

There are two main updates that cause site filtering from search results:

Panda update
Penguin update

Updates are often done, so it’s very important to make sure that your site complies with Google rules, and doesn’t violate their guidelines. We’ll briefly explain what’s behind each update:

Panda update

Panda Update – Its purpose is to make sure that the content that appears on the site: original (intentionally not published elsewhere on the Web), qualitative, adheres to correct grammar rules, without spelling errors, etc.

Penguin update

Penguin update – aims to verify the quality of inbound and outbound links, where they come from (from relevant sites or not), the number of inbound links from a single domain (one or more links), which phrases are linked, use more than one keyword on the site, etc.

To check if your content is “original”: You can use or copy a sentence from the site, and paste it into the Google search engine, if your site is first, you are the original, if not .. Write the text.

To check if your content meets the grammar rules or if there are misspellings: Contact a tab editor or copy the text into a Word document and see if it displays spelling/grammar errors.

To make sure the links pointing to a quality site are: Link from a car site to a beauty treatment business), contact the site owner and ask to remove the link from it.

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