Organic SEO VS PPC Ads – Pros and Cons

The benefits of organic SEO

✔️ Unlimited exposure and clicks do not cost money
✔️ Development of an asset that can generate income over time
✔️ Quality traffic (in most cases)
✔️ Praises the value of the site (it can be sold later)

Disadvantages of organic promotion

❌ takes a long time
❌ Unstable (exposed to algorithm changes in Google)
❌ Organic results will always be a bottom priority in search results from Google’s point of view
❌ Lots of room for mistakes, requires a lot of professional knowledge

The Benefits of Google PPC Advertising

✔️ Immediate and very flexible
✔️ Very focused advertising capability
✔️ There is no obligation to invest in the site
✔️ You can refer to a landing page without a lot of content and very good sales for launching/market research

Disadvantages of Google PPC Advertising

❌ Exposed to clicks from competitors and various “curious”
❌ There is no long-term effect, do not build an asset that can stand on its own
❌ Click prices are expensive and constantly rising

What is worthwhile for you and what is more true for your site ?! Well, I’m biased 😏 but I really believe in long processes without disqualifying processes that can help and support!

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