Tips for branding a new business

Congratulations! You’ve opened a new company or a small home business.

You already know how important it is to advertise the business and brand it correctly.

Don’t know what to start? This article may be a bit of a headache for you:

Business name:

Start choosing the right name for the company. A short and catchy name. If you have a flower shop and you called it “ornamental flowers” then, of course, there is nothing to explain but if you called the business for example “shades” it is unclear whether you deal with colors or flowers or anything else.
Also, try a little exercise to check out some catchy business names. Try to say it many times non-stop and see if it is difficult. For example, “ornamental flowers” you will see that there is no problem and the name is catchy. On the other hand, if you call the business “Emanuele Flowers” after twice saying it in succession, you will see that it is difficult and you “break your tongue”, a sign that the business name is not so catchy.


Don’t forget to add a positioning statement to your business. Why need it? So that everyone who sees the logo knows what you do. For example, “Dana” – flowers for any occasion.

Logo color:

So after choosing there, the less difficult part remains, choosing colors and designing the logo
Remember that choosing colors has no rules except a few guidelines.
The food-related logo is not recommended to use blue colors because blue associative does not communicate with food. Did you notice that in nature there is no blue food?
Avoid overly bright colors for the logo to stand out when printing on a white page – otherwise, you will need changes such as adding a background color or designing another logo in dark colors.
Check out your logo in black and white printing, you’ll often find surprises. Black and white stuff looks completely different.


An equally important part of designing the logo is choosing the font. The font type can upgrade the logo and can destroy it if selected incorrectly.
For example, if you are practicing law, try to go for a classic and clean font, if the practice is related to sports and extreme, go for a flowing and innovative font, if it is a kindergarten then a soft and rounded font.

Advertising of the business:

And of course, you will not give up on advertising the business. Branding is only half a job. If people don’t see your logo and don’t know what to offer, you probably won’t have enough customers.

Use platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp to advertise your business, build landing pages, and don’t give up on Google promotion.

Bottom line, remember – there is no successful business, there is no well-publicized business!

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